About HourInstant

HOUR INSTANT LIMITED is an online investment company with a well-organized group of successful traders in the Crypto world using the modern robotics system to achieve a quick result and maximize profits with minimal loss,Company No.12498863.OUR GOAL is to provide investment opportunities for all investors who wish to make an achievable profit with minimal risk. In addition, our project is offered to investors who wish to preserve a long time of partnership.

Independent analysis made from external auditors has found that we are on sound financial footing and investors that turn to HourInstant to invest can be assured that the company is in a good position to offer stable earnings to all of their clients. After working offline with corporate accounts, HourInstant is now ready to join the retail investment challenge and offer its world-class services to a broader audience.

Our current investment portfolio is distributed across four different asset types, with operations in commodities, Forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Having a distributed and diverse distribution of our financial securities across different industries allows us to explore the best profit windows for each of these instruments, and puts HourInstant in a healthy and secure financial position.

HourInstant team consists of traders, managers, programmers and customer support operators, they are working on different fields with the same goal in their minds: maximize profits in a safe environment and at the same time provide a pleasant experience for its investors. Our investment plans offer you a good flexibility level to organize and plan your future earnings.

We have been operating in this field for over three years and most of the possible events that can occur when trading multi wallet markets already came across our group and after studying or even learning from our mistakes, we learned to deal and turn a scenario into a profitable event in nearly every situation, including unexpected events such as natural disasters,that have direct impact in any business of the world.

We also hired a very efficient support staff to help you with account issues.Start a long-term and highly profitable cooperation with our company right now!

Why us?

  • UK Official Company
  • Anti DDoS Protection
  • Professional Team
  • Top Level Security
  • Reliable investment Plans
  • Instant Withdraw

What We Provide

    UK Company

  • HOUR INSTANT LIMITED is a valid and lawful company based in the United Kingdom, providing its services to all members. Our company number is #12498863.
  • High Standard Security

  • DDOS and SSL secured. Your privacy is important to us. Investment Made Easy And Secure, Grow Your Wallet Safely.
  • Professional Team

  • Our professional and experienced traders team at crypto market will provide the besttrading services for you! You will be satisfied with high results in shortest period.
  • Hourly Profits

  • All profits will be caculated hourly to your account balance. You can withdraw at anytime and min withdraw amount is 0.1$.We pay 7 days/week.
  • Instant Withdraw

  • All payment type withdraw are instantly! If you meet pending, please check e-currency website first! Instant withdraw can't work if the e-currency website is down or not working.
  • Online Support

  • 24/7 online support and top-notch customer service. Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions 24 hours a day.

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